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Volunteer Spotlight- Central Florida

Hundreds of students know JACF Volunteer Sarah Reece and you should too!  Sarah has served as a volunteer for Junior Achievement of Central Florida since 2001 while balancing her busy professional life as a Programmer Analyst for Orlando Health and serving her community as a City Commissioner for Altamonte Springs. She recently shared her journey as a JACF volunteer and hopes to inspire others in the Central Florida area to become a JACF volunteer also!


  1. What made you decide to become a volunteer for JACF? I have always enjoyed working with children and volunteering is a way of life for me. JA is just one organization that I volunteer for but one I get immediate rewards. The students always welcome me when I come and let me know they look forward to seeing me the next week. Each child is so unique, and they have so much they want to share during the lessons. This is very rewarding!
  1. What was one of your most memorable experiences while volunteering for JACF? There have been so many memorable experiences since I have been volunteering for so long, but I do remember having taught the whole fifth grade one year at an elementary school in Apopka. The teachers brought the students into the library, and I did one session for all of them once a week for the five weeks. I have a healthy respect for all teachers!   
  1. Has volunteering changed over the years? If so, how? I don't think volunteering for JA has changed over the years. The teaching materials that JA provides have always been wonderful and the students love the activities. The curriculum also allows the volunteer to add their own experiences which I think keeps it relative for the students.
  1. How do you inspire other busy professionals to volunteer for JACF? Anyone who has never volunteered is missing out on some of the best experiences in life and especially working with children. Preparing for the lesson each week does not take that long and the time in the class is so rewarding. There is no need to be afraid to get up in front of the students. They love having "guests" in their classroom and can't wait for their JA lessons every week.
  1. What would you want to say to people considering volunteering for JACF for the first time? If they are considering volunteering for the first time they may like to visit a classroom with another JA volunteer first. This would allow them to see how the lesson material is used and how much fun interacting with the students really is. 

Sarah's hope is that one day her grandchildren will become JA volunteers as well! Sarah Reece…you are JA, and we thank you for your dedication to JACF and your impact on students throughout Central Florida! 

Volunteers are welcomed every day at JA.  Join Sarah and our other 1700+ volunteers to make a difference in a student's future!  If you would like to become a JACF volunteer, please contact Melissa Bradley or call 407-488-1925 for more information.   

Here's another volunteer testimonial. This is well worth the time to watch, it is truly inspiring.  

JA-Regular Logo Vid from Tico Productions, LLC on Vimeo.


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